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What is Snap?

Most travel options get worse, the more people use them:

They get more crowded and unpleasant and, to pile insult on injury, it’s the times when most people want to travel when they try to charge the most.

Snap is new, Snap is different: We are the world’s only travel service that gets better, the more popular it becomes.


Snap connects travellers with high quality independent UK coach operators. We only run Snaps when we know there’s plenty of demand. And because we have no overheads and few fixed costs to offset, we can charge you less.


Here’s the next good bit: Each time we put on a new Snap it gives us the opportunity to add new pick-ups and drop-offs to suit new groups of people, because we’re not tied to city centre bus stations. That means the more people use Snap, the more places we can pick-up and the more places we can go. And you don’t have to go into town, to get out of town wasting money – and your even more valuable time.

High quality

Here’s another, even better bit: We allocate new Snaps to the operators that our customers rate the best. So your Snap ratings make sure that vehicle and service quality get better and better (many of our operators use the same vehicles on Snaps, that they use to transport premier-league sports teams: tables, USB charging, free water).


Here’s the best bit of all: Every full Snap on the road takes away the need for 35 normal cars. So it’s a great way to reduce road congestion. Coaches are also by far the greenest form of motorised transport. So you’re doing the right thing for the environment too.

…and growing fast

We’ve helped over 150,000 people so far, and covered more than 17 million miles! But this is just the beginning:

Snap’s dream is to enable people to go wherever they want, whenever they want, for not very much money. If you think that’s a worthwhile goal, help us make it come true.

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How do I book a trip?

Pick your starting city, destination, date and time of travel and choose the best option for you. Then simply choose the pick up and drop off points that are most convenient. This is important because we’re adding and changing pick up and drop off points all the time in response to demand, so you can often find an option that suits you better than the last time you searched.

Add your Snap to the basket and choose a return if you need it. Then continue to payment and complete your booking! All Snaps on the system are already confirmed and guaranteed to run.

Please note: It is important that you enter the details of your own, data-enabled smartphone, when you book, and have it with you on the day of your Snap. We send our Snap tracking link to your phone as well as important updates via text message. If you don’t have your phone with you, you won’t be able to receive these updates and may miss important information about your Snap.

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What happens after I’ve booked?

You’ll get an email confirming all the arrangements and giving you the precise location of the pick-up and drop-off points and the times you need to be there. If your confirmation email has not arrived, it is a good idea to check your “spam” or “junk” filter. They sometimes get stuck there. You can prevent this by adding [email protected] to your address book.

On the day of travel, you’ll receive a text message with a link that allows you to track the position of your Snap, so you’ll always know precisely where it is on its journey.

When your Snap arrives, just give your name to the driver, who will already have your details. There’s no need to show a ticket. But please note you may be asked to show your mobile to the driver to verify your identity.

What should I expect on board?

A seriously comfy seat, a super friendly driver and a big window: all wrapped in a shiny, new high-tech coach (and bags of room for your luggage). In fact, if you’ve not been on a coach for a while, you’ll be amazed how much they’ve changed. Seat design, suspension, air conditioning and (yes!) toilet design have all improved dramatically in recent years.

All Snap partner coaches have on-board toilets, except on very short journeys.

Most Snap partner coaches have plug sockets, but not all: so make sure your phone has enough charge, just to be on the safe side.

What can I bring on board?

We let all Snappers take two suitcases, stowed in the hold, in addition to their hand luggage. Please don’t bring heavy or outsize items with you though. Folding bikes are normally ok, if they are luggage-sized and in a bag to protect other passengers’ luggage from damage, but please let us know in advance as some coaches, like double-deckers, have more limited luggage compartments.

Please ensure that folding bikes are always put in a bag or case so that they don’t affect other customers’ luggage.

Hot food and open containers of alcohol are not allowed on Snaps, because they often upset other passengers. Our operator partners will ask you to dispose of these items before getting on board. Please do as they say: If you don’t, they are perfectly at liberty to leave you behind!

Can children come on Snap coaches?

Please note: we can’t guarantee that all coaches will be able to accommodate a child seat. If you do wish to bring a child seat, please contact the Snap Help Team before you book.

Is there anywhere I can store my luggage at my destination?

Yes – have you heard of Stasher? They provide luggage storage in hundreds of locations across the UK, for only £6/day including insurance. We’ve teamed up with Stasher to get you 10% off. Just book online, and use the code SNAP10 at the checkout!


Can I get a refund or exchange on my ticket?

No. Snap is an on-demand service. We use your booking data to confirm extra coaches. Therefore, once a seat is sold, it needs to stay sold.  However, the way Snap works means the prices will always be low, even at popular times.

How do I book a trip to a city not on your list?

If you’ve got enough people to fill your own Snap, you can book to anywhere on our Snap for Groups page. If you haven’t don’t worry, depending on your requirements, we may be able to sell the extra seats for you.

If you’re travelling on your own, we’ll need to launch Snap in your city. You and your friends can vote for your city at The more votes your city collects, the faster we’ll get there.

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