Travelling to Nottingham in 2019

Travelling to Nottingham in 2019

London to Nottingham trips are some of the most popular journey's we put on. There are now coaches running up to three times a day and we’ve learned a lot which has helped us grow into new cities. We’ve checked upcoming events (that look good!) and also chatted with folk on the coach to find out why people go to Nottingham. If you’re considering a trip in 2019 we’re hoping this could help spark some ideas.

Arriving in Nottingham

If you get dropped off at the Rose & Crown pub in Lenton you’re only a 13 minute walk over to Wollaton Park & Deer Gardens. A stunning place to go for a little walk. They have regular wildlife watching events and this summer you can watch Bohemiam Rhapsody and The Greatest Showman outdoors in the park.

A short walk further there’s Highfields Park with a boating lake and a little cafe. If you’re anything like us though you might get distracted by the 18 hole mini-golf they’re boasting. Well worth a visit!

Checking out the culture

Nottingham prides itself on band of merry Robin Hood stories and there’s an interactive visitor experience as well as the statue itself. Frankly there’s a lot more to Notts than Friar Tuck, the whole city is built on a network of caves dating as far back as 1250 AD and they’re there for you to explore.

If you’re looking for a halfway house between history and relaxing then there’s a pub that claims to have been established way back in 1189! Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem is right next to Nottingham Castle and is now serving modern food and beers. The courtyard is welcoming, the inside’s got plenty of character so it’s as good a place as any to rest up.

Nottingham Caves Tourism

Shows to suit all tastes

Our Snap coaches stop right outside the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall so if you’re travelling with a specific performance in mind you can go direct. Here are the shows that caught our eye…

Strictly come dancing

Enjoy ballroom and latin routines from some of the TV production’s reigning champions. This is a performance from the professionals with the likes of Neil Jones, Nadiya Bychkova, Katya Jones and more sharing their incredible talent.

7th & 8th May

Guilty feminist live

“I’m a feminist, but…” Listen as Deborah frances White and her talented colleagues bare their feminist souls. Their super successful podcast has over 50 million downloads covering fundamentally important topics with a cheeky twist.

Friday 31st May

Avenue Q

If you’ve not seen it by now then you’re in a for a treat. This production is made by one of the co-creators of The Book of Mormon and has some seriously catchy songs.

15th to 20th July


The lads have been busy with eight sell out tours and half a million tickets all around the UK. 2019 marks 10 years since winning Britain’s Got Talent and somehow they’re been continually innovating since the very first audition. A few of us from the office might head to this one.

Friday 27th September

Simon Reeve

He’s travelled through over 120 countries and sold out entire tours so that people like us can hear his stories. If you’re after something truly inspirational and entertaining then this is for you.

30th October

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