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Top 10 Places to See Street Art in London and Bristol

Top 10 Places to See Street Art in London and Bristol

Fortunately for fans of street art, the UK is blessed with some great talent, with Bristol and London being hotspots to view some great works. Not forgetting that Bristol is where Banksy hails from, it’s no surprise that the popularity of street art tours have increased in recent years.

Whilst most street art doesn’t stay around for long, we’ve picked a selection of pieces that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, as well as some top spots. What better way than to share 10 of our favourite places to view some street art in two of our most popular destinations - London and Bristol.


  1. ‘Stik’ - Nelson Street (Bristol)

Some might label London based artist Stik’s work overly simplistic, but the simplicity is absolutely brilliant in this case, with the stick figures looking down on us against the exposed concrete of the Brutalist architecture.


2. 'Burning Candy Crew’ - Gloucester Road (Bristol)

Catch this fantastic piece on Gloucester Road, by the popular East London collective Burning Candy Crew.


3. Leake Street, Waterloo (London)

No top 10 would be complete without mentioning Leake Street in Waterloo. The location made famous by Banksy’s CANs festival, it’s now a designated tunnel made legal to graffiti in. Make your way to London and watch it come to life as artists use it to practise. It never stays the same for long!

4. ‘Vandal’, Nick Walker - Nelson Street, Bristol City Centre (Bristol)

This interesting piece of a man pouring paint from the high-rise down onto the street below is one not to be missed. The figure of a man in a bowler hat is one frequently used by artist Nick Walker across many different locations.


5. ‘Rose on a mousetrap’, Banksy - Thomas Street North (Bristol)

It would be simply impossible to compile our top 10 without Banksy getting a mention. This early piece is great, and especially the framing, a practice that although common in London is much less commonly seen in Bristol.


6. David Bowie mural - Tunstall Road, Brixton (London)

The David Bowie memorial mural that popped up just after his passing is one that all Bowie fans should see, featuring Bowie with the iconic lightning bolt across his face. The piece is easily found, just opposite Brixton station on Tunstall Road.


7. ‘Well hung lover', Banksy - Park Street (Bristol)

One of the more famous (and funny!) pieces on our list, and one of Banksy’s most recognisable works. The backstory surrounding this one has garnered it considerable attention over the years. The splatters are said to be from paintballs fired by a rival graffiti artist who was never caught! Bristol City Council had removed some of the paint splatters, but couldn’t remove the others without risking damaging the piece.  


8. ‘Giant Crane’, ROA - Hanbury Street (London)

The piece, by Belgian muralist ROA, has been around since 2010. It’s said that it was originally intended to be a heron, but local Bengali residents questioned whether it was in fact a crane, considered to be sacred in Bengali culture.

9. ‘Giant bee’, Masai/Vision - Hackney Road (London)

This piece was created in 2014 by Louis Masai as part of his #savethebees project. Masai is famous for his use of murals to raise awareness of endangered species. Giant bee is just one of the many murals the pair created across East London, and is definitely one to check out.

10. ‘Breakdancing Jesus’, Cosmo Sarson  - Stokes Croft (Bristol)

Last on our list, but by no means least! This mural was inspired by an idea the artist had from an old newspaper cutting from an event in the Vatican in 2004, in which a Polish youth group breakdanced for Pope John Paul II.