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Things need to change

One of the weird things right now is that everyone agrees that everything needs to change, but nothing’s actually happening.

That’s Greta Thunberg’s point, which she makes powerfully and repeatedly. In her Davos speech she said:

Some people say that we are not doing enough to fight climate change. But that is not true. Because to "not do enough" you have to do something. And the truth is we are basically not doing anything.

And when you look at the stats, you can see her point. This chart shows household emissions in 1990, today and to get to net zero.

Household Carbon Emissions

Two things stand out: Firstly, we’re not even half-way there. Secondly, there are certain areas where almost no progress has been made: and transport is right up at the top of the ‘no progress’ pile.
If we’re going to reach net zero, we’re going to have to either stop travelling or dramatically change the way we travel.
The chart below shows every form of transport.

coaches pollute less than trains

Let’s just take in what this means: a single person driving their car generates 6x the carbon emissions of that same person in a coach. Even train (which feels like the green choice) generates 50% more CO2 than coach.
That’s not electric coach (of which there are still only a handful) but ordinary coach. And if you travel with Snap, you’ll be travelling on a modern, low emission coach which is better again than the average shown above.

Electric coaches are coming. The first electric coach arrived in Britain in July and more are expected next year.
But we don’t need to wait: coaches are the greenest travel choice it is possible to make. Snap coaches are all low emission. And Snap is a flexible and dynamic service that avoids running empty trips at quiet times, generating wasteful carbon emissions.


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