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The Weird and Wonderful things brought on a Snap

The Weird and Wonderful things brought on a Snap

Travelling can be painful. Travelling with a load of belongings, even more so.

Snap helps you on your way with a generous two large bag per person policy, but sometimes that's not enough.

Here are some of our favourites they've travelled - or NOT travelled - with!

Remember if you're unsure of what you can bring with you on a Snap trip, please check our FAQs, or reach out to our super helpful help team by phone, email or on facebook.

  1. Larry the plant: Larry never quite made it on board, as he was just too big! But if you have a smaller Larry, you're more than welcome to bring him or her on board. Rule of thumb is if it doesn't make a mess and uses up just the space of the seats you've paid for, it's generally okay.

2. Flags and Signs: We've had many a happy reveller, festival goer and charity fundraiser grace our coaches, it's always been a pleasure being a part of the trip! So long as it doesn't make a mess, our drivers are more than happy to have you on board.

3. We've even had a windsurfer take his equipment on the undercarriage of the coach. This isn't usually permitted, but as they reached out us before and we could confirm it with the coach operator, they were able to bring it along for the ride.

4. The following were absolutely NOT permitted to travel..If you ever have the pleasure of travelling with Jason from Winsons coaches, he can tell you the story of when someone thought they could bring a used, still dripping washing machine in the early days of Snap. Just to be absolutely clear, white goods are not allowed!

Got any interesting coach stories, or uncertain of what you can and cannot bring on your next Snap trip? Snap have a super generous 2 large bag policy which should be sufficient for most people, but for other baggage or belongings please check with the team in advance.