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The Snap Race: Coach vs Train, Bristol to London

Every year, the Snap team run Snap labs day - running for 24 hours, everyone at Snap forms into teams to create a project completely different to what their day to day work consists of, with people they don't usually work alongside.

Marcus, Harry, Tom and Lukas, inspired by Race across the World and Top Gear, decided to put together a race. We know Snap is great in so many ways, and that having a friendly and helpful driver, convenient pick up points and no waiting times it can blow train travel out of the water, and that's not taking into account the cost - but these benefits aren't obvious. To non-snappers, 'a coach is a coach' and a 'driver a driver'.

Thanks driver!

Martin from Centurion, one of our super friendly and helpful drivers

At Snap things are different - we're humanising the travel experience. First name basis with drivers, independent caring operators, a friendly customer helpline. Until people experience the service themselves they don't know any different.

Most of the Snap user base being 18 - 35 year olds so we figured video content that was light hearted and a bit of fun would help illustrate these points, and we could test different cuts of the content on different social platforms to discover what resonated with would be Snap travellers.

Planning the trip

Doing research on what would be a fair race

The plan was as follows:

One of us would travel by Snap, the other by train. We'd be starting our race at a coffee shop next to Clifton Down Station, Bristol. The finish line was at the swing between Kings Cross and St. Pancras International. We chose these locations as it highlights the benefits of taking Snap, whilst the train has several changes and plenty of waiting around... Of course the train goes at a faster speed, but this doesn't factor in passengers 'first and last' mile of travel, or the waiting around time, the extra stress of being in the right place.

High five!

See you at the finish line 🏁

Harry and I tracked each others progress using Whatsapp live location tracking, and kept an eye on how each other was doing. Coming into London we actually passed over one another!

Trackers were on

I see you 👀

I got the wonderful Snap experience, easy and convenient pick up and drop off and all information sent to my phone, whilst Harry had a few issues along the way... We both booked on the morning of travel and got typical prices.

See how it all unfolded below! If you're short on time you can see who won a little further below. We would love to hear what you think!