The Battle for Brexit Will be Won by Coach

On Saturday, 1 million people marched through London in one of the largest political demonstrations of all times.

Interestingly, the same weekend also saw the largest ever official online position, with 5 million people signing up to stop Brexit.

In the process, an interesting little experiment was set up: which is more influential and powerful, 5 million people online or 1 million people in the flesh?

Looking at yesterday’s front pages and the Twittersphere, the million won. There is a raw power to people making a journey to make a point.

This all matters to me because I founded Snap to make IRL experiences easier. Snap exists to enable anyone to travel without the normal barriers of price and pain getting in the way.

Coach is an amazing form of travel. It can pick up anywhere, drop off anywhere and is almost perfectly flexible. Ideal for getting a million people to one place.

One of the things I love about Snap (and I admit I am not an impartial observer!) is the magic by which the more people that use it, the better it gets for everyone. On Saturday, we carried around three times more people than we would on a normal day but everyone got a seat, the prices were exactly the same as any normal weekend and we could pick up in even more local areas than normal.

If you join us for your journeys, you are also joining us on a journey to a more sustainable travel future and one in which everyone can go everywhere, for a price they can afford.

It may take us several years to get there, but, who knows, the battle for Brexit will probably still be going on…


Thomas Ableman is the founder and CEO of Snap

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