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Sustainable ways to enjoy a weekend away in Nottingham

Sustainable ways to enjoy a weekend away in Nottingham


The current state of the Earth has been brought to the forefront of our attention, with many people joining the movement and pledging to make a change before it’s too late. It's becoming more and more important to make eco-friendly choices and to live an environmentally sustainable life.

But how exactly can you become eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint in your everyday life? Well, there’s a huge number of ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint, but one of the easier is just being conscious of your modes of transport. Transport made up for 27% of greenhouse gas emission in 2017, and when broken down into modes on transport can show you the most environmentally sustainable forms of transport. Carpooling or even better, jumping on a coach can make a real difference over flying or even just driving yourself!

We’ve put together a bunch of environmentally sustainable ways you can enjoy a weekend away in Nottingham.


Stay low-carbon


As part of the environmental sustainability movement, low-carbon and zero-carbon accommodation has emerged. These forms of accommodation aim to reduce carbon emissions through reducing heating, with extra insulation picking up the slack and taking over.

However, these probably aren’t the easiest types of accommodation to find and a more accessible option could be a suitable choice.

We love getting acquainted with nature and enjoying a relaxed break away from the busy bustle of the city. But jumping into a tent and leaving all your creature comforts behind can sometimes be a little too much, enter glamping.




If you’re looking to cut down your carbon footprint and stay somewhere that’s eco-friendly, but not quite sleeping in a pop-up tent, then glamping/boutique camping is a great choice. Getting to spend some time with nature can be super relaxing and you won’t need to sacrifice your comfort either. Glamping accommodation usually comes equipped with beds, hot water, means for cooking and even electricity but is way more eco-friendly and not to mention fun!

If glamping isn’t quite your thing and you’d rather stay somewhere that has a bit more space, then eco-lodges could be a great option for you. Just like glamping, you can enjoy a relaxing break, surrounded by nature and in an eco-friendly hideaway where you won’t have to sacrifice space or any of your creature comforts.




If you’re not really interested in spending some time with nature and would prefer to stay in the city, then there’s still options to keep it eco-friendly. Have a look for green hotels or eco hotels where you’re aiming to stay, these hotels have all the same features as your usual hotel that you’d expect, but are part of green associations and focus on environmental sustainability within their practices. Although perhaps not quite as eco-friendly as a tent, if you’re planning a city break away in Nottingham then this could be the perfect option for you!


Eat sustainably


What you chomp on can have a real impact on the environment, and I think we can all admit to treating ourselves in the food department when we’re away on a trip or holiday. Whether you’re doing most of the cooking yourself, or are embarking on a flavour quest to find your favourite restaurant in Nottingham, it’s more than possible to eat sustainably.

Here are a couple of tips to eating sustainably during your trip to Nottingham:


  • Eat less animal products - Try and find local vegetarian and vegan restaurants or cook veggie meals at home. By cutting down on meat you leave more fresh water available to the planet and reduce the amount of methane pumped into the atmosphere


  • Eat more seasonal produce - Look for seasonal produce to cook with. Seasonal produce requires less pesticides and chemicals, human assistance and shipping. Not only does eating seasonal produce assist the environment, it also helps keep local suppliers afloat. If you’re deciding to eat out, look for restaurants that locally source their ingredients and pick from seasonal meals!


Here are some of the awesome vegan food spots that we love!


Move with care


If you’re a fan of exploring nature and are planning on going for some walks, you might not have really thought about the effects this can have on the local wildlife. It seems like a pretty harmless activity right?

Some areas can be susceptible to erosion and can lead to the loss of habitat for local animals and plants, so going for a walk in the countryside could end up causing damage to the environment and the destruction of habitats. You can help prevent causing extra erosion by sticking to any paths that may have been marked out on your trails. 

Here’s some cool places to check out in Nottingham that won’t cause any erosion! 




Buy local


Tying in with eating sustainably, local produce isn’t the only way you can promote sustainability. Part of sustainability is making sure the things that we enjoy are still there for future generations to enjoy too. If you’re able to remind yourself to grab your breakfast pastry from a local bakery rather than a national chain, it’s really quite an easy way to help support local sustainability.

Nottingham brings in over 35 million visitors each year and is reliant on the income generated from this. By supporting local businesses rather than funneling your money to big businesses outside of Nottingham, you’ll be contributing to it’s sustainability and helping the future generations to have the chance to enjoy it too.


Travel sustainably


As we mentioned earlier, transport makes up for a huge chunk of the greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. So by being conscious of how you’re travelling, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and consequently, contribute to a sustainable environment.

If you’re channeling your inner lone wolf and taking the trip to Nottingham by yourself, surprisingly, driving your car is the least eco-friendly method of transport you could take. Carpooling, jumping on a train or even better, getting a coach will have a huge impact on reducing the emissions of your trip. 





If you’re already considering a weekend trip in the UK then this is a great step towards sustainable tourism. It’s lots of little decisions like this that lead to bigger change.