Snap’s back!

I’m thrilled to welcome you back to Snap after our summer pause.

I created Snap because, for too long, travel has been monopolised by a small number of big companies, pushing prices up and service quality down.

Snap is on a mission to change travel for good; using technology to make it convenient, affordable and enjoyable.

We have now closed a new funding round (led by ADV) to enable us to accelerate that mission.

And next week we’ll be launching a new feature that will put power into the hands of you, our customers, to direct precisely where Snap goes next. It relies on the power of the crowd to get it right. More details next week!

In that context, when we paused in the summer, we were overwhelmed by emails, social messages (and the odd phone call!) asking us to crowdfund. Now we’ve raised an institutional round, we’re delighted to be able to give you - our users - the chance to share in our future success. We’ll be on Seedrs by the end of the month.

Some people undoubtedly thought, when Snap paused, that we had folded. However, as we said at the time, we took a responsible decision to protect the interests of our customers and operators. Many firms in the travel sector keep running trips even while the bank balance depletes, and then end up leaving customers stranded and operators out of pocket. That is not the Snap approach and never will be.

This is just the beginning of better, cheaper and greener travel.

But we need your help.

Unlike the big transport companies, we don’t have big advertising budgets.

Please, please share Snap with your family and friends. Or we’ll end up back with the same old high price, high carbon choices we’ve had for decades.

Your support means the world to us.

And, since coach emits less carbon than any other form of transport (including train!), it means the world to everyone.

Travel better. (Spend less).

Lots of love,

Thomas & The Snap Team