Trips: Popular Pick Up and Drop Offs

Snap's Most Popular Pick Up and Drop Offs

One of our favourite things about Snap has to be our community powered pick ups (and drop offs).

Unlike other travel providers, we like to keep things super convenient and handy for our community. That's why we let members of the community choose where they're picked up and dropped off on any Snap trip.

Over the last week we've had a look at the most popular pick up and drop off points and put together these 2 heat maps for you to have gander at.

Popular Pick Ups:

Popular Drop Offs:

Over at Snap HQ we think the above are pretty cool, and its super encouraging to see how the Snap community use their pick ups and drops off.

But...we think there are handier pick ups and drops offs that we could be using.

So, we need your help. We want everyone in the Snap community to tell us where they want picking up and dropping off. The more specific you are, the better.

If enough of you get involved and recommend a pick up or drop off location we'll bend over backwards to try and make it happen.

Head over to the Snap Forum to get involved!

P.s. if you're still reading have a free trip for your trouble! Just tweet us the code 'communitytrippup' @snaptraveltechnology. The first person to do so wins!