Oxford: The Boom of The Coach

We’ve been watching as the modest coach becomes one of the dominant forms of transport in Oxford. Well over 7.5 million bus miles are done locally each year with millions more happy customers. We had to ask ourselves, why?

We know the rumours surrounding coach travel. We know people think it’s the cheaper, cramped and nasty alternative. What we also know is that this stereotype seems to be outdated for cities like Oxford.

Bus Travel Search

Companies like Stagecoach, X90 and more have made coach so popular between Oxford and London based on more than just great prices. The service offered is high quality and runs at the times people want which means it attracts more than just the usual student crowd.

Try getting on any of the Oxford Tubes into London or a Snap coach travelling from Gloucester Green Coach Station to Bristol and look around. You’ll find mainly people over 25, in work and exploring the arts or a convenient way to travel for business.

Lowri uses the Snap service to get to events regularly. As a content writer for music & gigs she uses Snap every other week and is able to catch up with work while on the move. Just another of the many #humansofsnap getting on board each day.


London Traveller Lowri

By offering a decent service at the times people actually want Snap, X90 and Stagecoach have managed to change the perception of coach travel in and out of Oxford.

We think this is great.

What’s good for the coach is good for us so we applaud businesses doing similar work to us. However, there’s a good reason our tickets are cheaper and it’s thanks to our technology. Since our very first journey we’ve been gathering data on when and where people search for trips and whether they actually book them. This means we don’t run costly, empty coaches up and down the country to maintain a schedule. By ridding ourselves of the shackles of schedules we run more efficiently and cheaper.

We’re not simply a cheaper alternative to trains despite what you might be thinking. Drivers are chosen based on their ratings and service so they’re motivated to use their best coaches. In fact, I’m writing this article on a Snap coach to Bristol right now and here’s what the place looks like.

London St Pancras to Bristol Coach

So, where’s your next destination?

Snap is growing every day with new journeys, new pick up points and new passengers. With Oxford already on board with the rebirth of the coach it’s a natural place for us to help. We now run a regular service between Oxford and Birmingham with five stop off points. This means shoppers heading to the Bullring, theatre goers checking out The Alexandra’s latest or students returning to either university can find a convenient drop off.

We’re also moving west from Oxford to Bristol. We’ve learned that during the week most people like to have an early trip whereas on the weekend our travellers prefer a little later. Every day we have a coach or two covering 5 different Bristol drop offs.

The way we see it, travellers don’t need crazy high rail fares, delays without notice or worry about juggling different railcards to get the best prices.