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Ideas For an Epic London to Cardiff Getaway: The Hidden, The Famed and The Lively

Ideas For an Epic London to Cardiff Getaway: The Hidden, The Famed and The Lively


Ever thought about venturing out to Wales, but not really had much of an idea about what you could get up to? Well, we’re big fans of Cardiff and know some pretty cool places in town, so we may be able to inspire you with an idea or two...


The Hidden


The Dead Canary - Tucked away in a back alley, The Dead Canary is a secret underground bar that’s completely camouflaged to the naked eye. Look out for a spooky door with a canary cage hanging above it. Give the bell a ring and you’ll get escorted down into this quirky speakeasy cocktail bar where the menu is literally a pun riddled story about a canary. The drinks are pretty good too.




The Clink Cardiff - Ever fancied having a sit down, restaurant-quality meal in the middle of a prison? Definitely not something we’ve ever put on our Christmas lists, but thanks to the incredible Clink Charity, you can do this in Cardiff (and it’s really reeeally good!). Situated in the HMP Cardiff, your food will actually be cooked, and served to you by prisoners who are training towards gaining their NVQs in Food & Beverage. Did we mention it’s also one of Cardiff's highest rated restaurants?




The Vaults - Turns out bank vaults make the perfect underground rave venue. The Vaults in Cardiff hosts loads of great electronic and techno nights and was once a real bank vault before being converted into a venue. They host a bunch of unique events so keep an eye out for something that takes your fancy.




The Famed


Spillers Records - Self proclaimed as the oldest record shop in the world, Spillers Records has been running since 1894 and offers a selection of goodies from Record Store Day exclusives to indie, jazz, new wave, film scores and more. They also host in-store events and have had the likes of IDLES and Alexis Taylor perform.




Anna Loka - This one may not be dating back too far in history, but Anna Loka made its own history when it opened in 2015 as Wales’ first fully vegan cafe. Anna Loka has a passion for promoting veganism through delicious food and is all about keeping our planet nice and healthy. “ANNA” stands for food, health or earth, and “LOKA” means world or planet (not at all our first guess!).




Cardifferent Historic Pub Tours - Want to hit up a pub crawl with your mates, but feel obligated to see the sights and take in the heritage of Cardiff? Well, turns out you can actually do both and there’s a whole experience finely tuned to meet your drinking and history needs. Learn about the old pubs of Cardiff and sample the wares with Cardifferent Historic Pub Tours on their interesting, historic and unique pub tour.




The Lively


Sŵn Festival - First emerging in 2007, Sŵn Festival is an award-winning multi-venue music festival that is based in Cardiff’s city centre. Founded by BBC Radio 1’s DJ Huw Stephens, the festival has been shining a light on emerging artists, new music and homegrown acts - keep an eye out for line-up announcements!





The Big Cheese Festival - Staying in the festival mood, brie prepared to experience The Big Cheese Festival and indulge in a huge variety of local cheese, ciders, beers, ales, wines and spirits. The festival spans over two days and this year it’ll be taking place at Caerphilly Castle (guaranteed to be a grate time!).




Principality Stadium - Even if sports aren’t your jam, we’d recommend paying a visit to The Principality Stadium, Cardiff’s celebrated venue where a variety of top sporting events and concerts take place. From Six Nations and FA Cup, to motorsports and awesome international gigs, any event hosted at The Principality Stadium is worth witnessing (if not just for the atmosphere alone!).




Bonus fun fact about Cardiff - rumour has it that Jimi Hendrix, after a heavy night out, ended up waking on a random islet on Roath Park, which -to help you visualise- is basically a tiny island in the middle of a big lake. The islet has since been named after him and his hangover is etched into history as one of Cardiff's folk tales.


If you just can’t wait to get out of London and make tales of your own in Cardiff, we’re with you pal. Have a look and see if one of our partners can give you a lift. You can Snap your way to Cardiff from only £5 and don’t even need to get to Central London to start your adventure, our coaches can pick you up and drop you off on a number of more convenient stops. See you in Cardiff!