HumansOfSnap Head To Bristol

4 people, 4 laptops, a love for good coffee and an interest in the infamous Bristol music scene. No trip is a simple as it first sounds and when you’ve got lots of people to cater for no option seems perfect.

You may well be faced with the same dilemma as we were, an expensive but probably faster train or a slower but cheaper bus. Stop what you’re doing! We’ve already done the perfect test. A fateful tube journey meant one of our gang missed the bus from St Pancras leading to a Top Gear style race; train vs coach (more on that race here)London to Bristol Map

We had such a great time in Bristol we want to shine a light on some of the locals who made it great.

Small St Espresso gave us a mid morning boost of delicious coffee. The cakes also looked great but we were saving ourselves for something bigger! Big thanks to the folk there for looking after us.


Coffee Shop in BristolWe then took a stroll around the food market and enjoyed some fresh filled rolls, Brazilian feijoada and lots more. There were plenty of benches to sit on to watch the world go by.

Our rented apartment was on the river between a great burger place and The Beer Emporium. So this became the start of our evening out. The chilli burger at Three Brothers left us feeling very happy and the staff there took great care of us (shout out to Alfie!).

Bristol Food Market Stall

Then on to sample local beer at the independent Beer Emporium out of the 24 beers on tap we stuck fiercely to local brews. The kaleidoscope by Wiper & True stood out as excellent to our resident beer expert. The vaulted ceilings and nice staff there make this a great spot to chat over decent drinks.

Bristol is a big student town so don’t be surprised if you find yourself amongst lots of ‘end-of-exam’ revellers. If that’s what you’re after then look no further. But if the thought of that terrifies you beyond words then we were recommended The Milk Thistle cocktail bar by some locals. A bar that serves locally sourced Bristol Syrup Co grenadine and knows their way around mezcal is surely worth a visit.