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How to Snap up Cheap Coach Travel

Cheap travel is what we all aim for isn’t it? Well, okay, cheap, efficient and comfortable. Too bad that the three never seem to fit together though. You could spend hours trying to weigh up the pros and cons of arriving at your destination earlier, but having to spend a lot more in order to do so. Well, what if we told you that you can now get cheap, efficient and comfortable travel?

Cheap coach travel

At Snap, we’re dedicated to getting anyone anywhere they need to go for not very much money. Sure, the train will likely be faster than a coach, for more on this, check out our article, ‘Coaches vs Trains: Who arrives first and who arrives happiest?’ But it definitely won’t be cheaper. National Rail stated that on the 2nd January all train fares rose by 3.1%. Doesn’t sound like that much? You don’t need to speak to many people to know it’s a sting in the wallet.

So with train fares increasing, intercity flights charging more for a short UK break than a European adventure, and taxis being out of the question, who can get you to the city of your choice for as little as £8? We can.

The year of the coach

Now if I said to you, you could get from London to Bristol for only a fraction more time but for £30 cheaper, you probably wouldn’t believe me. But you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that Snap coaches can do exactly that, and not just to Bristol, oh no, but a whole range of UK cities. The time of worrying about extensive and advanced holiday planning to get the best deal is over.

How do Snap do it?

Although technology powers the service, the people who use Snap are the most integral part. We wouldn’t be able to offer such efficient and cheap travel without our customers, the humans of Snap. You guys have a huge amount of power when it comes to how Snap runs:

    • Your destination choices are a crucial part of picking the places we go to. If you want to go somewhere, great let’s go! If you don’t want to go there, then neither do we!
    • You are in control of who drives for Snap. We want to make sure that everyone has the best journey they can, every time. That’s why we use the best coach drivers and coaches in the business. We listen to your feedback about every driver. The drivers who get the best reviews get to drive for us more! This encourages all our drivers to do the best job they can on every Snap trip.
    • You have the power to cut your journey time short. We understand how frustrating travelling to travel can be, and that’s why we take stock of where you prefer to be picked up and dropped off from. This means no more heading into town, in order to get a trip out of town.

Snap is growing

Since Snap started, we have helped over 150,000+ people get to where they needed to go for not much money, and we now run routes between ten major UK cities. The best thing about Snap growing, is that the more people that use us, mean the more destinations we can go to. This, in turn, means we will be able to grow our partnerships with more local coach services and continue to keep our costs low.

We’re so confident in our value for money that we will offer you a price match guarantee. If you can find a cheaper journey elsewhere for the same time and date we simply refund you the difference.
Snap up your cheap coach travel today!

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