Trips: Snap Operator Scores - February 2019

Snap Operator Scores - February 2019

If you've ever made a trip with Snap, you'll know we're pretty hot on asking for your feedback. We want every Snap experience to be better than the one before.

One of the ways we continually improve the service is to rate and rank our operators and award work based on quality.

The model is pretty simple. At the end of each Snap trip, every passenger is asked to rate their experience with their specific operator. These individual scores and bits of feedback are pulled together into an average for every operator.

The higher the score of an operator, the more Snap work they do.

So, since January 2019:

  • The average 6 month operator score has increased to 4.7/5.
  • Oxford Bus Company continues to top the leaderboard, with a blistering 4.85 / 5.
  • Marshalls of Sutton on Trent has joined the Snap partner community (give them a wave when you next travel with them).